Vision 2020


Nation and Culture
Social Development
Economic Development
Maldives in International Arena

Vision 2020

By the grace of the Almighty Allah, by the year 2020, the Maldives will be one of the top-ranking nations amongst middle-income developing countries. It will be a nation capable of protecting and defending its freedom and sovereignty. The following sections would outline the various sectoral targets that are set within the framework of the vision 2020. We believe that it is incumbent upon us to further consolidate the fraternal ties that bind our nation together and march confidently towards the happy vista that lies ahead of us in the year 2020.

Nation and Culture:
The Maldivians will continue to possess the capacity and determination to protect and preserve the precious blessings of independence, sovereignty, and national unity.  

Maldivians will remain steadfast adherents of the noble tenets and principles of Islam in word, deed and belief.

Maldivians will remain a cohesive and homogenous people, united in faith and speaking one language.

Democratic governance of the country will be further consolidated and the people will continue to enjoy justice, equality, the law, peace and security.

Social Development:
The Maldives will be a more urbanised country, providing satisfactory living conditions to all. The people will have greater awareness of and commitment to healthy lifestyles. Good quality medical care would be available to all citizens in the area in which they live, and will enjoy the benefits of a health insurance scheme and that will enable them to meet their medical needs.

Maldivians will demonstrate a higher degree of objectivity and rationality in both private and public life. They will adhere to a strong work ethic that emphasises responsibility and initiative. People will live in a more caring society, one in which family ties are even stronger than at present.

As we enter the age of the knowledge based economy, an educated, knowledgeable and skilled citizenry is essential for making vision 2020 a reality. Developing the competence of the people is therefore, a top priority in shaping the desired course for the future that embraces the aspirations of the nation.

Ten years of formal schooling will be the minimum standard throughout the Maldives and the country will enjoy good quality tertiary education. A system for the provision of technical skills needed for achieving and sustaining social and economic development will also be established.

We will continue to achieve progress in the development of gender relations and gender equality will be a reality by the year 2020, with the active participation of both women and men in political, social and economic activities on an equal footing.

Maldivians will be able to take sufficient protective measures against the threats posed for the country as a result of global ecological degradation. They will be pursuing environmentally-friendly life styles with the aid of modern technology.

The youth of the nation will be fully committed to contribute to the nation's progress and prosperity. They will be able to get the opportunities that they need to achieve their full potential.

Economic Development:
The Maldives will have established the most conducive conditions for brisk commerce and economic activity, and will have become the hub of regional free trade. The country will have a more diversified economy with export-oriented trade in services and industrial development.

Modern technology will be widely used in the Maldives, facilitating continued progress and providing modern conveniences to the people.

There will be equitable distribution of economic benefits and every citizen will have the opportunity for productive employment.

With the Almighty Allah's grace, these developments will place the Maldives among the top-ranking developing countries that have achieved medium level of development.

The Maldives in the International Arena:
The Maldives will be better equipped to play an active role in international affairs in the interests of protecting its independence and sovereignty. It will focus on maximising the interests of the Maldives in ways that are consistent with its national self-image and international norms and conduct.